What You Get

  • The Playbook hard copy delivered to your doorstep
  • 2 Digital downloads of The Playbook to share with caregivers
  • 15 instructional videos that accompany The Playbook
  • 2 Hours of Wingman navigation, advocacy & decision support

The Playbook is the ultimate "how-to" resource for learning how to not only navigate and survive the healthcare system when you or a loved one has a complex or overwhelming medical condition, but to actually thrive!

The Playbook will shorten your learning curve and empower you to become a high performing patient or caregiver!

Take the Patient Identity Profile to see where you are
on the patient performance spectrum.


“ During our lifetime, many of us will be patients, and most of us will be caregivers. The Playbook guides us and helps us to learn how we can help, ourselves and others, in times of need. ”

– Joey O., Patient and Caregiver

“ As a professional in the Wellness space, and someone who was personally involved in the care of a critically ill family member…Your Playbook educates and empowers users to be their own advocate, help champion their own cause, work through the healthcare maze and maximize their outcome. Bravo, good work! ”

– Craig B., SelfHelpWorks, Inc.

“ My father-in-law is in the hospital from a stroke last Wednesday… Almost ready to go home. Then they drop him and break his scapula. Now it’s an ongoing battle with really well-meaning people to actually get the care they promised. All the stuff I learned from you is coming in really handy. Thank-you! ”

– Steven B., Caregiver